8 Steps: How to Install Water Cooling Appliances?


A water cooling machine is one of the best appliances that’s needed in every home for one reason or the other. It’s a versatile appliance that can be used in any part of a home regardless of the available spaces.

It’s fundamentally used in treating water to a desired temperature. However, although it’s an appliance that can be easily used irrespective of the user’s technology-know-how, yet the installation might be a little bit challenging.

Nevertheless, provided you’re a newbie to how to install water cooling or what water coolers are all about, it might interest you to know that there are several types of water cooler.

The major ones that you’d find in the marketplace are bottom, top, and bottle-less loading units. Literally, the types are characterized by the mannerism they are operated or loaded.

Of course, if you’re opting for a unit that is either of top loading or bottom loading, the installation is quite hassle-free compared to those that are bottle-less. In fact, bottle-less water coolers often come with needed accessories because they are mostly connected to a water-line.

Furthermore, the accessory that comes with each depends on the design of the unit. Some units have their filter(s) within while some are connected outside the unit.

The nugget is that users can easily install a water cooler when the design of the unit is primarily understood. In a nutshell, we intend to convey the basic knowledge that there are several ways one can install a water cooler.

Notwithstanding, in this article, we’ll be explaining all these for optimum comprehension of the subject. Therefore, let’s check out the ways to install a water cooler.

8 Things to Consider about How to Install Water Cooling?

Read the Manual

This is the most essential. It’s an accessory that every buyer must at first check out before considering any other piece of information.

The reason for this is that it’s the manual that provides all the basic information about the newly purchased product. Indeed, with this, you can decipher whether the components or accessories are complete or not.

In fact, you can utilize the steps that are provided with the diagrammatic illustration to install your water cooler without any hassle. Nevertheless, sometimes manual might not be helpful.

It’s in this rare case that the need for an alternative source of information is required. In other words, before a user is advised to consult another source for information, the user must have read and digested the contents in the manual.

Understand the Concept

There are three major types of water coolers. Just as we stated earlier, they are easily differentiated by their design and various mode of operation.

Of course, the variety of designs don’t negate the primary function of a water cooler, which is dispensing of water at a desirable temperature. Nonetheless, here are the pieces of information about them:

Top Loading: This is a type of water cooler that the bottle has to be loaded with water and fixed on top of the cap right at the top. The cap can be used for either 3 or 5 gallons of coupon bottle depending on the product’s description.

Bottom Loading: This also uses a coupon bottle but it has a feeding tube that’s often inserted into the hole of the bottle so as to suction the water. Nevertheless, you’re expected to save the water-filled bottle in the space which is at the base.

Bottle-Less: This doesn’t require the need for a coupon bottle at all. However, water is connected from a water line into the unit. This unit can be used to purify water and at the same time treat water to the desired temperature.

Identification of the Accessories

Please note that apart from the bottle-less type of water cooler, there is none that its accessories have to be installed before it can be used.

Therefore, once you’ve purchased a water cooling appliance and you’ve checked the packages that come alongside with its delivery, the next thing to do is to evaluate what each of the accessories is used for and how to install them to the unit.

Nonetheless, it might interest you to know that some products come with an adapter and a filter while some only come with a filter(s). The difference in their installation is that the former is installed outside the unit while the latter is installed at the base of the unit.

How to Install a Bottle-less Water Cooler without an Adapter

  • Get a hose that’s quite long so as to connect the unit to a waterline/source.
  • Provided your water source is tap water, extend the hose to the faucet and fix the tip of the faucet inside the hose.
  • Afterward, tighten up the hose onto the faucet either by using an O-ring or a ribbon.
  • Check your manual and find out the area where the valve that connects water from the waterline via the hose into the unit is sited.
  • Attach the hose to the valve for the apt passage of water into the unit.
  • Then, identify the spot(s) to attach filter(s) and insert them.

How to Install a Bottle-less Water with an Adapter

  • First, attach the adapter to the external valve on the unit for the easy passage of water into the water cooler.
  • Connect a hose from the waterline to one end of the adapter.
  • Ensure that both ends of the hose are tightened so as to keep the hose in place even while water is moving with a high pressure.
  • Close the other end of the adapter with any material.
  • Once that’s done, switch on the tap and allow the water to run straight from the waterline into the unit.
  • Fetch the water from the spouts. Do this thrice before moving over to the next step.
  • Afterward, remove the material from the other end of the adapter and attach the filter to it. However, do this after you had switched off the ‘mechanism’ of the tap water.

Check Out the Connections

Users are expected to check out the connection of the attachments to the water cooler. In fact, they can use wrenches to tighten up the O-ring connectors so as to make them secure.

Afterward, you can also touch the hose with your hand so as to know how perfect and rigid it is to the unit.

Safety Precautions

Ensure that you don’t drink the water immediately after installing it. However, you can flush out some notable quantity of water from the unit before using the water. In fact, always ensure that you use the filtered water only to carry out your operations.

Begin the Use

Once all that is done, you can always enjoy the use of your water cooler. Nevertheless, ensure that you replace the filter once it finishes so as to keep your safe for drinking.

In addition, the best way to know when to replace the filter(s) is when there is a reduction in pressure of liquid that gushing out of the spouts.

Final Verdict

This is how to install water cooling machine as an expert. Of course, now you know that you can only install a bottle-less type of water cooler. This article doesn’t just provide you with a one-sided information but it covers all types. You can use the information on this platform to install any kind of water cooler.


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