Aquverse Water Cooler Review

Aquverse Water Cooler Review

Aquverse Water Cooler ReviewMaintaining a water dispensing unit could be expensive, but utilizing an Aquverse water cooler which has cheap price would save you more expenses in maintaining it, how? This unit utilizes water that runs from a waterline into the unit.

There are two spouts and each of them dispenses hot and chill water respectively with total safety being put into consideration in its design.

If you’ve not been in a constant use of your tap water perhaps due to the fact that it contains chlorine or heavy metals, then this is what you need, you know why? It comes with a replaceable filter that’s capable to refine your water constituents into drinkable substance.

Of course, you’ll be able to tell at the end of the taste as it gives it a nice touch. This unit would ensure that you and your family drink a chemical free water. It has the capability to supply you with both hot and cold water at the same time.

In fact, there are thermostat dials behind it that make the temperature of the unit adjustable. With this unit, you absolutely don’t need to mount this to walls as it has an ergonomic structure.

You can even choose to position it anywhere in your home or office. You can even decide to make it mobile. Apparently, it has security measures that are inculcated into the design for the apt use of the unit. Also, coupling it is a breeze. It comes with some accessories that make this easy to assemble.

In a nutshell, this is a product that’s capable to provide you with the full features that you need in cherishing the quality of the unit as it makes no noise at all.

Aquverse Water cooler Review | 5 Major Features

1. Method of Use

This Aquverse 5PH unit is a water dispenser that requires no need for refilling of bottles. However, water is run into it from a waterline.

It’s an amazing unit that uses a filter for separating/filtering/removing of impurities from the water before entering into the reservoir. In other words, provided you have a waterline that’s contaminated from its source, you can purify your water directly by utilizing this unit.

There are reservoirs on the inside for both the cold and hot sections. The reservoirs are made of stainless steel which is more viable and durable in preserving the temperature of your water.

The hot water that dispenses from the faucet has a temperature of 185 degrees Fahrenheit while the cold water has a temperature of 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Accessories

The manufacturer ensured that no stone is left unturned in the delivery of the unit, how? The manufacturer delivers this unit with a 43ft hose. This hose is wide enough to supply you 7 gallons of hot water per hour and 9 gallons of water per hour for cold water.

Apart from that, an adapter also comes with it so that it would be easier for an individual to set up the unit. In fact, there is an instruction booklet that comes with it also. The diagrammatic depictions and illustrations on the instruction pamphlet are white and black; of course, anyone can vividly see them.

And what you’d cherish about this is that it comes with a filter. I guess it might interest you to know that purchasing this unit is frugal/economical, reason? You don’t need to refill, all you need to do is to purchase is the filter

And a filter can last you more than 6 months. The filter that comes with this unit can purify 750 gallons of water, can you imagine that?!

3. Perfect Construction

This unit has an ergonomic structure that put it in place on all plain surfaces. It has a dimension of 44 x 44 x 12 inches and it weighs 39.2 pounds.

Its exterior is coated with black color and it as an admirable shape. It’s a unit that suits any part of the house due to its compact size.

Although it uses a three-stage filter, yet you’d need to use a screwdriver whenever you keen to change the filter which makes it even safer.

Also, there are two spouts that dispense cold and hot water respectively. There are buttons that make the operation of the unit very easy.

4. Versatility

Provided you seek a water cooler that you can use for any place at any point in time, then we provide you with this unit. Furthermore, this is a unit that’s discreetly designed for users’ optimum comfort.

It can be used regardless of the weather condition of the region. You can also choose to dispense water in room temperature from any of the faucets, how? There are temperature dials behind the unit, all you have to do is to minimize any of them until it makes a “click” sound. Then, you’ll be able to fetch “lukewarm” water.

In a nutshell, this is a unit that you can adjust its temperatures.

5. Safety

This is a unit that can be used flawlessly by children. There is a transparent plastic that protrudes on each of the faucets. The implication of this is that is prevents wavering of the water and directs the mechanism of the water straight into the cup.

However, the common gripe about the use of this unit is that you might seldom find out that the switch is no longer functional. The solution to this is to adjust the reservoir. Apart from this, it’s an easy-to-use product.

Why Should You Use Aquverse Water Cooler?

1. Simple Installation

Hiring a plumber can be costly, but with this unit, you can install every component and compartment by yourself.

The instruction provided by the manufacturer is comprehensible as it consists of all the information that you would need.

2. Easy to Clean

This unit is covered with a black color. The sleek design that the exterior part is very easy to clean. You can erase particles from the exterior part by wiping it with a damp cloth only.

3. Stainless Steel Tank

The reservoir on the inside is made of stainless steel. In other words, you can trust the use of the tank for a long period of time because the material is not susceptible to rust.

4. Bottle-less

You can use this unit without refilling your bottle. In fact, it comes with a long hose that even lessen the stress of using the unit. It’s highly dependable and affordable.

5. Dependable

Every component of this unit is very much reliable. There are buttons and LED lights that make it easy to operate. It’s a unit that you can use for a long period of time, trust me.

  • This is a bottle-less unit.
  • It has an ergonomic structure.
  • This dispenses in both hot and cold temperature.
  • This unit can be moved from a place to another.
  • There are toggles that make it easy to use.
  • It’s highly affordable.
  • None

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the model number for this unit?

Answer: The model of this unit is 5PH

  1. Can I use this with my reverse osmosis system?

Answer: Yes, you can. But ensure that the system has a standard bladder tank.

  1. I’m 5.1” tall, would I still need to stoop low before I can comfortably dispense water?

Answer: Yes, you’ll need to bend down a bit. However, you can position it on a stool so as to easily use it.

  1. How does the water taste with the filter that comes with it?

Answer: It tastes great, you’ll love it.

  1. Is there a drip tray for this?

Answer: Yes, there is.

Final Verdict

This review is for those that need a product that they can use for a long-term without spending money on bottle refills. We decided to forward this to you because it’s very reliable and affordable.

It’s compact and can be used anywhere in the house. It’s a unit that can be used in every home in the US because of its power.

We hope our amiable readers have been able to find out whether this unit is best for their use or not. However, we enjoy our readers to opt for this if the features listed are their primary targets. It’s highly recommendable.


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