Avalon Bottleless Water Cooler Review

Avalon Bottleless Water Cooler Review

Avalon Bottleless Water Cooler Review

You can now purify your water and at the same time fetch your water in two different degrees from two different spouts with the use of this Avalon Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser.

With this iterant, you don’t need a bottled water to be suctioned before you get your water crisped and hot. All you just have to do is to connect the unit to your water source and ignite the unit. Then, you get clean, dirt-free water with ease.

And, guess what? This product comes with a filter, which would help you to remove sediment and heavy metals from your water. The filter that this comes with is easy to fix and use.

In fact. The manufacturer makes the use of this product unique by including the LED light. One of the LED light is used to find out when to replace the filters, I guess that’s modern, right?

There are safety designs that accompany the purchase of this product also. One of the safety designs is to ensure that the flow mechanism of hot water is controlled distinctively.

Indeed, it’s a product that can be used in a small and big apartment due to its size. Provided you reside in an area where there is instability of power supply, you can still utilize this unit, you know why? Because its tank holds at list 1 liter of water.

This would, of course, help you to use it even when there is a power outage. The temperature of the output is unique and it’s regular. It’s a water cooler dispenser that you can use to combat weather challenges and environment plights.

In other words, even though you reside in an environment that has unsafe water, then you can use this to purify and ozonize your water.

Avalon Bottleless Water Cooler Review | 5 Major Features

1. Hot & Cool Water Spigots

This product is a water cooler that cools and steams your water at the same time, how? It has two spigots that are differentiated by the color of their press paddles.

The spigot that has a red paddle underneath it is for dispensing hot water while the other spigot is for dispensing cold water.

The water that flows out of the red spigot steams to a 187 degrees Fahrenheit while the one with the blue spigot chills to a degree of 47 degrees.

The two spigots are made of steel so that you shouldn’t be supposing of replacing them. And, their holes are so wide that you don’t need to queue/stand for long before you fetch your water.

2. Bottle-less Water Cooler

This is a unit that doesn’t utilize coupon jugs/bottled water or anything you would like to call it. However, it has a hose that can be connected to the water source.

The water source can be in your fridge or external container; it can even be your tap water. The secret is that the water source doesn’t necessarily have to close to the unit.

The significance of this design is to ensure that there is no recurring of bottled water. This would definitely save you some expenses since you’re drinking your self-made water.

It comes with a filter. The filter is packaged alongside with an adapter and a little pamphlet of the instruction booklet.

3. Exquisite Design

This product has all that it takes to complement your sumptuous designed home. It’s a unit that’s compact and well-designed.

It has a dimension of 13 x 12 x 41 inches and it weighs 42 pounds only. There are switches at the back of the unit, the switches are used to power each of the functions of the machine.

One is used to power the hot section while the other is used to power the cold section. In other words, you can comfortably choose whether to cool or hot your water without igniting the two switches.

Of course, with this, you can be able to control the activities of your children around the unit. In fact, it’s a unit that you can utilize with or without electric power sometimes, how? It has two tanks, the tank for storing hot water has the capability to store 1 liter of water while the tank for storing the cold water can hold up to 3.6 liters.

Also, there are LED lights that provide you with the update of the water running via the spigot. The LED light for both the hot and the cold.

4. Safety Features

This product has a safety lock inform or a button and a leakage detector. The lock is constructed with the metal spigot that dispenses hot water.

The implication of this lock is to ensure that kids are duly using the unit with care. It can simply be used by using in the button. Another safety measure that’s constructed with this amazing product is the self-cleaning ozone that comes with its function.

This (self-cleaning feature) development ensures that the unit is free from germs and bacteria in it. It has a switch right at the back which a user can utilize in controlling this function.

Switch on the button and the unit sanitizes and purifies itself. It’s a product that definitely provides you with all the comfort that you look forward to enjoying.

5. Easy to Setup

This is one of the products that you can easily operate and setup, trust me. It comes with an instruction booklet that you can utilize in assembling the unit.

Of course, the essential part to set up is just the insertion of the filter to the water feed line. The best way to do that is to begin by finding the hose that connects the unit to the water source (the hose can be found at the base of the backside of the unit).

Grasp the hose and locate the part that you can disconnect it from. Attach the adapter, which has a shut off valve. Since the adapter is in form of “T” shape, attach the filter to the long tail, the unit’s connector to the tip of the left head and the hose, that’s running water from the water source, is expected to be connected to the other end.

However, the manufacturer instructed that tank must be primed and flushed out first before it should be permanently attached, how? Let the water run straight down from the water source into the unit while the filter is fixed. Remove it (the hose) intermittently, then spill out the water via the two spouts.

Only do this when you have first inserted the hose from the water source meeting at the point of confluence with the filter but not yet connected to the unit.

Why Should You Use Avalon Bottleless Water cooler?

1. Removable Drip Tray

There is a removable tray that’s found 7” below the spouts. The importance of this tray is that it prevents spillage and saves water. It’s made of a durable metal, so it can definitely last you for long.

2. Leakage Detector

There is a leakage indicator that notifies users about the condition of the hose. Indeed, this is a unit that’s capable to prevent users from disasters.

3. Minimizes Expenses

This product saves you expenses of the constant purchase of water. It even comes with a filter that is capable to purify your water and make it drinkable. Although the water filter can be costly, yet one is capable to filter up to 1500 gallons perfectly.

4. Dependability

This is a product that many persons around the world have consented to its potency in providing you with crispy, steamy and purified drinkable water. It’s a product that’s also capable to last you for a long period of time.

5. Easy to Use

It’s not a hectic task to operate this product. In fact, one doesn’t need to carry out many pieces of research. It has a simple structure with functions.

Product Benefits
  • This features self-cleaning ozonizes.
  • It has a safety lock right on the ‘hot’ spout.
  • This water cooler has a compact shape and it’s lightweight.
  • The unit is easy to use and setup.
  • It has two spouts but uses no bottled water.
  • This product comes with a filter that’s capable to remove all sediments from 1500 gallons of water.
  • There is a Styrofoam that consists of all the packages that you need.
  • It’s very reliable to use.
The Negative Things
  • None

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it that the only available color is white?

Answer: There are two colors that you can find this product, black and white.

  1. Does this have nightlight function?

Answer: Yes, it has a nightlight that users can utilize to use this unit in the night time.

  1. What is the recommended filter for this unit?

Answer: Avalon filters are recommended by the manufacturer.

  1. Can I make get water from this unit?

Answer: No, it can only be used for making water hot or cold.

  1. Is this product expensive?

Answer: You can check out the price of this product. It’s a product that you’ll enjoy using, trust me.

Final Verdict

This review has proffered the necessary pieces of information that is needed for all our amiable readers. I hope by now, our amiable readers can now shop for the right product that’s best for them.

However, for those that only need a dispenser that is capable to filter their water to opt for this product. This renders 100% assistance than many other products. It’s very reliable and safe to utilize.



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