Clover B14A Hot and Cold Bottled Water Cooler Review

Clover B14A Hot and Cold Bottled Water Cooler Review

Clover B14A Hot and Cold Bottled Water Cooler ReviewThis water dispenser also has numerous great features and that is why it made this list. First of all, it takes top loading of water and the only advantage of this is that you can easily monitor the quantity of water in its water bottle without even going near it.

Secondly, its hot water and cold water tanks are made of steel so there won’t issues of corrosion and rust.

The cold water temperature can be controlled with an adjustable thermostat from about 35.6°F to 53.6°F. However, the hot water is automatically controlled to a temperature of about 185°F. Since it meets the energy-efficiency standards of both U.S.

Department of Energy and EPA they have both certified it in that regards. In other words, it is Energy Star rated.

Its drip tray is removable for easy cleaning. Its power switch is easily accessible. Its water is hot enough for your hot beverages, soup, and oatmeal. You can use it for your coffee too.

Its double float valve has secondary safety float mechanism that prevents water from spilling. It is also important to let you know that it operates quietly unlike some water coolers that make a squealing noise.

Weighing only 32 pounds makes it very portable so you can easily move it around. Its black color with steel side panel is a great combination that adds to its touch of elegance.

Its1-year warranty is also important to talk about. For safety reasons, its hot water push lever has a child lock that works well. So, you won’t be worried that your kid can spill hot water on himself.

Its hot water is very hot and its cold water is quite cold, but it does not supply room-temperature water. You may have to get that from another source. The dispenser is only compatible with 5-gallon bottle sizes.

Clover B14A Hot and Cold Bottled Water Cooler | 5 Major Features

1. Top loading of water bottle

Its first and most obvious feature is its top loading feature. This feature comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Its major advantage is that you will be able to confirm the level of water in the bottle with just a glimpse.

Most dispensers with hidden bottles only notify you when the bottle is empty. With this one, you won’t need to wait until the bottle empty before you make plans to for replacement.

The first disadvantage is that hoisting a full water bottle on top of a dispenser is not easy. So, it is not suitable for your elderly parents if they live alone.

Secondly, top loading has a way of reducing the beauty and compactness of a water dispenser. With the water on top, it will consume more space.

2. It is Energy Star rated

Being Energy Star rated means the U.S. Department of Energy has endorsed it for being energy efficient. It conserves energy more than many other water dispensers.

The major benefit of this is that it will reduce your energy consumption and may not lead to any major increase in your monthly energy bill.

3. Adjustable cold water temperature

Different people take different temperatures of cold water. While some people prefer drinking super-cold water, others take water whose temperature is quite close to room-temperature.

So, instead of having to mix your cold water with some room-temperature water, you can adjust the temperature of your cold water because this dispenser has an adjustable thermostat. You can adjust the temperature of your water from about 35.6°F to 53.6°F.

4. Its tanks are made of stainless steel

Both cold and hot water tanks of this dispenser are made of stainless steel. So, you don’t need to bother about corrosion and rust.

This feature definitely adds to the durability of the dispenser. However, some users complained that the first few bottles of water in dispenser had a metallic taste that gradually fizzled out with time.

5. It has a child lock

Kids will always be kids and they have the tendency of playing with every appliance at home. Unfortunately you can’t bar them from the water dispenser. They need to drink water whether you are at home or not.

So, to prevent them from dispensing hot water, the hot water lever has a child lock that prevents it from dispensing water.

Why should you use Clover B14A Hot and Cold Bottled Water Cooler?

1. It is easy to use

This dispenser is very easy to understand and use. You don’t want an appliance that you will struggle to understand. You can use this dispenser even without reading its manual.

2. It comes with 1-year warranty

This is another great feature. If anything goes wrong with it within the first year of purchase, it will be fixed for you free of charge.

3. It weighs just 32 pounds

Weighing only 32 pounds makes it one of the lightest water dispensers. With that weight, you can easily move it around.

4. Its hot water is so hot

Unlike some dispensers. The hot water of this dispenser is so hot. You can use it for beverages and oatmeal.

5. It is easy to clean

The dispenser is easy to clean. You can easily remove its drip tray for proper cleaning.

Product Benefits

  • This dispenser is easy to use.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Its cold water temperature can be adjusted.
  • Its hot water is very hot.
  • It is durable.
  • Weighing just 32 pounds makes it easy to move it around.
  • Its drip tray is removable.
  • It is visually appealing.
  • Its hot water push lever has a child lock.
  • Its hot water and cold water tanks are made of stainless steel.

The Negative Things

  • It is quite expensive.
  • You may experience a metallic taste in the first few bottles.
  • It is not as cold as water from the refrigerator.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Where can I get the product?

Answer: It is available on Amazon.

Question 2: Does it come with any warranty?

Answer: Yes, it comes with 1-year warranty.

Question 3: How heavy is it?

Answer: It weighs only 32 pounds.

Question 4: Does its hot water faucet have child lock?

Answer: Yes, it does so you can use it worry-free.

Question 5: How hot is its hot water?

Answer: The dispenser heats water up to 185 degree F.

Final Verdict

Considering all the features covered in this Clover B14A Hot and Cold Bottled Water Cooler Review, you will agree that this product offers good value for its price. It is okay to buy it.  Its numerous positive comments on Amazon say it all.


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