Elkay EZS8L Water cooler Review

Elkay EZS8L Water cooler Review

Elkay EZS8L Water cooler ReviewMake use of this water dispenser that’s able to save you spaces and at the same time provide you with non-stop water runs. With this, you can never miss the target in quenching your thirsts.

This Elkay water cooler is a unit that dispenses cool water only. And, guess what? The temperature can be dialed into various degrees. In other words, this is a unit that you can utilize for all temperatures.

It’s a unit that has no loading sections. However, but rather, you can mount it on walls with ease. Indeed, it might interest you to know that this uses a waterline that can be connected to the unit.

The filter, on the other hand, is very much changeable and optional. In other words, it neither comes with a filter nor an adapter, but you can purchase one and use them for it if you think you need one.

This is basically for those that have a good source of water and think they sincerely don’t need the accessories which make units expensive.

Not only that, the spout that dispenses the water is designed in a manner to make the passage of micro-bacteria via the spout impermeable.

Although the spout is tiny, yet the amount of water that dispenses through its opening is adjustable. It’s (the spout) constructed in a way that you’d hardly encounter water spillage during its use, you know why? This is because there is a drainage that ensures that your water is not logging in the unit and the spout springs up the water in arc-form.

Looking for a unit that you can trust with your child? Indeed, this is one that you can permanently lock so as to prevent it from dispensing water even when either of the buttons is pushed. You can’t compare this to several others in the market, trust me. Why? This is because it’s compact and highly functional.

Unlike its equals, it doesn’t have many functions on it and the limited ones it has are very easy to operate. We enjoin you to find out more by reading the list of features below:

Elkay EZS8L Water cooler Review | 5 Major Features

1. Attractive Design

This unit has sleek looks with compact designs. In spite of its compactness, the buttons are apparently wide for comfortable use of the unit.

The only way to set up this unit is by mounting it against the wall. In fact, plumbers can comfortably do this with you as it’s very easy to mount.

It has a dimension of 18-3/8″ wide x 20-3/8″ tall x 19″ deep and it weighs 51 pounds. The color that it’s made of is light grey granite, which is very much easy to clean.

The metal that it’s made of is stainless steel, especially the spout. The implication of this is that it the metal is safe for use and capable to provide you with the distinct, purified water that you need.

The color of its exterior doesn’t fade irrespective of the station that you’re using it for. Also, there are ducts at the ambiance of the unit’s cover that ensures that there is room for apt ventilation.

This is a technology that you can use for a long period of time.

2. Electronic Bubbler Push

Physically challenged prospect users can also use this. There are buttons at the flank that they can push so as to make the water running.

The buttons are delectably wide that anyone can use them with ease. The bubbler bars are capable to halt and activate the mechanism of the water in the unit. In other words, it’s these buttons that you can use to lock and unlock the flow of the water. This, of course, provides safety to the use of the product.

It comes with a power cord which has to be plugged in a power outlet. This unit uses 115V which is very compliable to America’s general electric standards.

3. Flexi-guard Bubbler

This is a unit that has gained recognition by Americans with Disability Act (ADA) because of its inimitable structure. It dispenses water in an arc pattern so as to make it easy to fetch the dispensed water by anyone including those that are physically challenged.

Apart from that, the sole spout is made of an anti-bacterial on the inside. In other words, this has two distinct treated mediums that are bound to provide you with a clean water.

With this, you can directly treat your water by the use of a filter and an already treated faucet. In fact, the flow rate of the unit is controllable. All that you just have to do is to adjust the screw by left (the one at the extreme end opposite the instruction banner on the unit).

4. Ease of Use

The temperature of this water dispenser can be adjusted. Although it’s made of fastener-less design, yet you can do this by removing the first panel.

After you had removed the four screws, you’d find the screw as illustrated on the instruction book. Of course, re-fixing the panel is very easy.

The cleaning, on the other hand, is very easy. The exterior is made of vinyl which doesn’t retain stains like some other products. Stains on it can just be wiped off with the use of a damp clean cloth.

5. Versatility

This is the water cooler that you can comfortably mount in private and public centers. Assembling it is reliably easy. Nevertheless, it’s mandatory for users to seek for the service of a professional plumber in the connection of waterline to the unit.

Why Should You Use Elkay EZS8L Water cooler?

1. Warranty

The unit is backed with a warranty. The warranty provided depends on how far the city is from Haiti. You can contact the customer care on this for more information.

2. 8GPH Nozzle

The fact that it uses this wide nozzle makes it very sufficient for serving your wants. You can fix it to your waterline and get the quantity and quality of water that you desire.

3. Extra-Deep Basin

The basin is so deep that waters don’t spill off even if it’s used by one who is sitting. In fact, the speed of flow of the water can be adjusted.

4. Bottle-less

The fact that it doesn’t use a bottle before it supplies you water makes it unique. With this, you can save both your money and strength in reloading the unit with a water-filled bottle.

5. Optional Use of a Filter

This is a type of unit that you can use in public places, reason? Because it doesn’t attract stains and it doesn’t use a filter.

The filter is very much replaceable and it helps you to be live a disease free life even while you reside in an area that produces water which may constitute heavy metals.

  • This unit can be mounted on a wall only.
  • It dispenses cold water only,
  • This unit can’t be moved from one place to another easily.
  • The temperature in this unit is adjustable.
  • This unit is very dependable.
  • It’s easy and safe to use.
  • This is a unit that can be used for a very long time.
  • None

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does this come with a water line hook?

Answer: No, it doesn’t. But you can get it from a hardware store.

  1. Do you think I can assemble it by myself even as a novice?

Answer: It’s advisable that you hire the service of a plumber. This is because of the material used in the construction of the water cooler is delicate.

  1. Does this come with a filter?

Answer: No, it doesn’t. However, the manufacturer has a model that comes with a filter.

  1. Does this make noise?

Answer: No, it doesn’t.

  1. Is it compulsory that I use a filter with it?

Answer: No! Provided the water running from your faucet is drinkable, you can choose not to use a filter for it.

Final Verdict

The Elkay Company is a renowned corporation that does the best in providing her customers with the best products. And, they made a good design of this water cooler that doesn’t come with a filter and it’s a bottle-less water dispenser.

The unit is very dependable to use. In fact, this is used in the US in churches and hospitals. This is because it’s the water cooler that’s recommended in pubs.

In a nutshell, with the use of this unit, you’ll definitely see no need in spending much than necessary. It helps one to save money and enjoy the good drinkable water in the summer. It’s highly recommended to everyone to purchase.



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