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How Does Water Cooling Work

How Does Water Cooling WorkAre you an individual who is inquisitive about how water coolers work? If yes, then we are here solely for you. This article is well equipped to proffer you with tangible answers to the long-lasting question, ‘how does water cooling work?’

Before we begin, let’s establish the bases on what water cooler is all about. A water cooler is a modern technology that chills your water and has the capability to steam up the unit. However, some may supply you with one of the two temperature options (but this depends on the unit that you use).

The amazing thing about them is that they have the capability to dispense water just as you want it. In other words, they are often used for countering body temperature. Not only that, but they can be used in the house and official settings also.

They are mostly used for softening of food, preparing of tea, purification/treatment of water, and so on. Unarguably, this saves users from stress in one way or the other.

Now that you’ve come to the knowledge of the innumerable use of water coolers, it might interest you to know that there are different ways of loading them. Some can be loaded by inverting the bottle on the cap at the top. These are called top loading water coolers while those that are loaded underneath are called bottom loading unit.

If you’re not loading your unit in any of this ways then you must be using a bottle-less unit (we’ll reveal this in subsequent time). Of course, I guess this must have drawn your consciousness to the fact that there must be differences in their constructions.

Notwithstanding, we’ll be discussing some vital parts that really determine the functionalities of a water cooler. Therefore, in order to grab the comprehensiveness of the unit, you must be able to recognize the components in your unit.

Indeed, you don’t have to dismantle them before you find out, check your instruction booklet for adequate information. Let’s now find out how your water cooler works.

8 Things to Consider about ‘How Does Water Cooling Work?

1. Filling of Bottles or Connection to Waterline

As a newbie in the mechanism of your water cooler; you would want to find out what filling method does it use, top loading or bottom loading or direct flow from a waterline.

Provided you’re filling from a water running source such as tap, then you’re using a bottle-less unit. Depending on the instruction provided by the manufacturer, for those that use bottles, you’d have to find out what gallon they use. Some use 3 gallons while some 5 gallons and some use all coupon types.

In a nutshell, before you can begin the use of your unit then you must establish this fact first by discovering what size it uses.

2. Water Bank

The water tank is also known as the reservoir. This is the portion in the unit where water is stored. This compartment can be found in all kinds of water dispensing units. It can be found to either be of plastic or stainless steel.

However, provided your unit dispenses both chill and hot water, then you’d find two reservoirs in it. In other words, each of them is for the two variable temperatures of water that it dispenses.

The two are always separated by an insulator so as to prevent conventions from happening.

Tips: It’s essential that you drain out at least four glass of cups before drinking the water for the very first time.

3. How Does it Chill Water?

Most units utilize either coil or refrigerant. Although those that consist of refrigerants consumes less power than those that use coils.

Of course, good examples are the refrigerators and the water coolers that have fridges in them. For those that have refrigerants in them, the unit converts electrical energy to heat energy. The heat energy propels the refrigerant to become as cold as an ice water.

However, the fluid turns to gas in this scenario and chills your water. The refrigerant is in a spiral shape and is close to the reservoir. And, once the compressor is pressured down the gas cools the water by passing through the valve that the water flows.

It’s the same valve that is connected to the spouts that dispense cold water.

4. How Does it Steam Water?

Just as the cooling compartment, this uses a tank also for storing water. However, the major difference between the two is that the heat energy that is generated by the conversion of the electric energy won’t become easily cooled as the cool compartment.

It uses a hot element to heat up the water. In other words, one uses a hot element to catalyze the reaction of the water temperature while the other dwindles the heat capacity in its section with the use of refrigerants.

This process caused the flow differences between the two. That’s why sometimes you find the cooler water filling a glass cup of water faster than the hot ones.

5. How Does Bottle-less Water Coolers Work?

The following are facts on how to use a bottle-less water cooler:

  • Waterline is used as the source for generating water.
  • This uses a filter for the purification of water.
  • They can also be used for dispensing either hot or cold water. However, some units dispense both water temperatures.
  • Some products are mounted against the wall while some are ergonomic.
  • The filter purifies your water and makes it safe for drinking before releasing them into the unit.

6. General Method of Operation

  • Read the instruction booklet first.
  • Connect the unit to a water source.
  • Plunge the pin of your unit’s cord inside the nearest power outlet.
  • Switch on the power of both the power outlet’s toggle and the unit.
  • Ensure that the LED lights are on after you had powered-on the unit.
  • Wait until the LED lights for the temperatures automatically turn off. This means that they are now ready.
  • Push either of the buttons down when you’re ready to dispense your water.
  • Lock the red attached latch on the button that dispenses hot water so as to defunct the button.
  • Always ensure that you switch off the power when it’s not in use.

7. Can I Clean the Unit?

Of course, you can clean both the exterior and some parts on its inside. Nevertheless, it’s essential that you consult your manual first before cleaning it, why? This is because products are made with different qualities and functions.

Some are made of self-cleaning (in-built cleaning technology) while some are not.

8. Highly Functional

Water dispensers produce sterling performances regardless of the shape or type you may be using. The button and LED lights that can be found on most of them make them easy to operate. You can trust them for the purpose that you purchase them for.

Final Verdict

This article provides you with the reliable information that you need on water coolers. It illustrated the types of water coolers that you can find around you and it provided tips on how to use them.

The article is best for users and DIYer. It can also be used by new users. It’s highly dependable to use as the writer makes it comprehensible.


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