How To Refill Water Cooler

How To Refill Water Cooler

How To Refill Water CoolerThis article discusses the steps involved in how to refill a top-loading and bottom loading water coolers. In addition, it also discusses about the precautionary tips to apply while refilling it.

Since it is easier and requires less steps to refill a bottom loading dispenser, this article starts with that one.

Before then, it is necessary to let you know that since the water bottle is always at the top of the dispenser, it will be obvious when the water is going empty.

On the other hand, virtually all bottom-loading water coolers have indicators to notify you when the bottle is empty. You don’t need to keep opening the base to check the level of water in the bottle.

So, without further ado, here are the steps involved in refilling your water dispenser.

How To Refill The Bottle?

This is for people who intend to refill their old empty bottle themselves.

Step 1

You need to first clean the empty water bottle before refilling it. While there are many ways to clean the water bottle, the ones that involve the use of baking soda are usually very effective.

That being said, pour 6 tablespoons of baking soda in the bottle and pour three gallons of tap water into it.

Step 2

Shake the bottle very well. Then, you can pour out the solution and then rinse the bottle thoroughly until it is clean.

Step 3

Attach a filtration hose to the head of your faucet and the top of your water bottle. Fill your bottle. Ensure you leave a little space at the top of the bottle.

How To Load A Bottom Loading Water Cooler?

Step 1

The first step is to switch off and unplug the water dispenser.

Step 2

Disconnect the empty water bottle from the hose that links it to the tanks.

Step 3

Remove the empty water bottle.

Step 4

Replace it with a new filled water bottle and connect the hose.

Step 5

Close the bottom compartment, plug the dispenser and power it on. It is as easy as that. As mentioned earlier, refilling a top loading water dispenser is a little more difficult but it is not something you can’t handle.

How To Load A Top Loading Water Cooler?

While some stores will refill your water bottle for you, some will exchange your empty bottle for a filled one at a particular cost. The latter is usually better and faster.

You may also opt for home delivery if you can afford it because it costs more than going to pick it. So, now that you have removed your empty water bottle and have your filled water bottle, here are the steps involved.

Step 1

The first step is to switch off and unplug the water dispenser.

Step 2

Remove the foam seal from the cap of your new water bottle if it has.

Step 3

Use a knife to cut a hole in the cap of the bottle. This is where the protrusion on the head of the dispenser will enter.

Step 4

Invert the bottle with the protrusion fitting into the hole in the cap of the bottle. You have to do this swiftly to reduce the amount of leaks. The center protrusion will force the seal because of the pressure of the water in the bottle.

Step 5

Plug back the water dispenser and power it on.

Safety tips

Here are some important safety tips.

1. Always use hot water safety guard

Make sure you always use the hot water safety guard. It is very possible to trip on the nozzle and spill the hot water in your hand.

So, to avoid either first degree or second degree burns, you need to always use hot water guard.

2. Clean the tank regularly

Even though most water tanks are made of stainless steel that hinders the proliferation of germs, leaving water there for a long period will allow the breeding of germs.

The longer you use it without washing its tank, the more germs will multiply in it. And it is needless to remind you that this may result in medical conditions especially when you have kids that drink water from the dispenser.

It is necessary that you clean your water cooler tanks at least once in a month.

To clean it, you will have to pour the water in it away and it is not advisable to pour the water back after cleaning the tank as it may be contaminated so it is better to clean the dispenser when it is empty or when it is almost empty.

3. Always plug it directly to an outlet

It is advisable to plug your water dispenser directly to an electric outlet. Don’t use an adapter.

4. Using cracked water bottle

By virtue of its design, air only enters the water bottle when you press the faucet for water. This is why the water runs straight into the cup.

If the water bottle is cracked, air will find its way into the bottle and when you try to take water from the faucet, the tap will spill the water. Unfortunately, not every crack is obvious at the initial state. You have to be very careful.

5. Voiding warranties

It is good to exhibit your do-it-yourself skills but not with every appliance. Not with any appliance that comes with warranty as you may void it.

You don’t want to void a 5-year or lifetime warranty. So, when your water cooler develops any fault, take it to the manufacturer to fix it.

There are a few other ways to void warranty. Getting an uncertified technician to fix your water cooler may also void the warranty on it. Other actions that can void the warranty on your water dispenser are

  • Using hard water
  • Using non-approved accessories
  • Not complying with cleaning instructions
  • Connecting the dispenser to a non-approved power source
  • Adjusting the water temperature from the back of the unit

Final Verdict

Now, you have not only learnt on how to refill water cooler. Knowing when the bottle is empty is not difficult because virtually all bottom-loading dispensers have indicators and the water level in the water bottle loaded at the top is obvious.

Most importantly, you have also learnt a few important safety tips.


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