KUPPET 3-5 Gallon Countertop Water Cooler Review


Definitely, water cooler can dispense water in various degrees but with the use of the KUPPET 3-5 Gallon Countertop Water Cooler, you can be sure of dispensing water at the best temperature.

The fascinating feature of this unit is that although it’s primarily used on countertops, yet it heats and chills water than most of the conventional product.
It’s a water dispenser that flawlessly chills water from 50 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit and is also capable to steam your water from 185 to 215 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cleaning also is so amazing and easy. The water barrel seat is very much detachable. In fact, this product is so cheap that it saves you many expenses compared to the purchase of a full unit.

However, it’s a top-loading countertop that only dispenses in two variable temperatures. It can be used even without placing it at the top of any unit.

It’s a countertop water cooler that you can use for 3 to 5 gallons of coupon bottles with ease. This is a water cooler that you can save in your pantry with ease without any hassle.

It’s a water cooler that you can utilize anywhere. Nevertheless, check out the 5 amazing features that we’ve compounded in this article.

KUPPET 3-5 Gallon Countertop Water Cooler Review | 5 Amazing Features

1. Dual Temperature Control

This water cooler can be used for dispensing cold and hot water at the same time via separate spigots. It’s so dynamic that the intensity of the temperature that comes from the spigots are incomparable to the conventional ones.

It’s definitely the best alternative for all weather conditions. In fact, the optimum dual temperature degrees of this unit can be actualized pretty fast.

In other words, you sincerely don’t have to wait for so long before you’d be able to fetch your water at either of the temperatures.

Besides, it has reservoirs on the inside where water is saved. That is, you can still drink some quantifiable amount of water at your most desired temperature even in the absence of electric power.

2. Versatility

This unit can be used absolutely everywhere. It’s an appliance that one can use at home and in offices.

In fact, it can be lugged from one place to another with ease. You can even choose to use either 3 to 5 gallons of coupon bottles.

Of course, its delivery doesn’t constitute the base but the countertop only which is very much easy to use. It’s a water dispenser that’s eco-friendly and full of eccentric looks.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t come with a coupon bottle but it comes with the instruction booklet. It can’t be used on a plain floor but only on countertops.

3. Tabletop Design

This is a top loading water dispenser with a modernized funnel. The significance of the funnel is to ensure that no water is spilt during its use.

Also, there is a removable tray that also helps in the trapping of spilt water. And guess what? This is a unit with a dimension of 10.63” (w) X 11.22” (b) x 16.24” (H).

It’s in a mite shape with 4 petite legs that keep it erect. It’s a sleek aesthetic looking unit that’s made of stainless steel and colored with white.

Although the unit doesn’t have a safety lock on the lever that’s designated for dispensing hot water, yet there are two buttons at the back where you can switch on/off the mechanism of the two spigots.

4. Easy to Clean

This is a countertop water dispensing unit that doesn’t attract stains at all. A cloud of dirt on this unit can be erased by just wiping it off with a clean dry cloth.

The box shape of this unit makes it easy to grasp while cleaning it. Apart from that, the fact that the tray and funnel are removable makes it very easy to clean.

Indeed, all these removable trays are dishwasher safe and they are made of a quality material.

5. Power

This is a unit that uses a power cord. This uses 500W of power and it’s great for power outlets of 110V.

There are LED lights that indicate whether the water temperature is ready or not. Furthermore, it’s an ultra-quiet unit that produces a smooth performance.

The levers which are on the spigots also, on the other hand, are easy to operate.

Why Should You Use KUPPET 3-5 Gallon Countertop Water Cooler?

Space Saving

This is a unit that is going to save you a lot of spaces in your pantry. It also has an ergonomic structure which makes it to comfortably sit on plain surfaces and perfect for top loading.


Provided you need a water dispenser that you can easily save and costs less, then you might want to check this one out. This is a unit that costs less than $60 and it’s highly functional.

Ease of Use

You don’t have to go through the hassle of installations before using this unit. You can begin its use immediately it’s delivered. In fact, the functions are easy to utilize.

One that you’d love to check out is the 2 switch buttons at the rear. They are made of separate colors.

The one for controlling the functionalities of hot water mechanism is made of red while the one for cold water is made of green. It’s just a unit with so much simplicity.


It’s lightweight and can be easily lugged from one place to another. It has the capability to provide you with adequate performances that you look for to achieving.


This is a unit that is widely accepted all around the globe. The manufacturer has some other products that you might even keen to see. It’s made by a reputable brand in the industry.

Product Benefits
  • This product is highly affordable and functional
  • It’s a top loading water cooler that can only be used at the countertop.
  • It has a removable tray that makes it easy to clean
  • It can dispense cold and warm water at the same time
  • This unit can be easily dissembled and clean.
  • It can be used for coupon bottles that are of 3-5 gallons of size.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to store
  • Highly reliable and easy to utilize
The Negative Things
  • There is no safety lock on any of the spouts

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I utilize the LED lights to operate the water cooler?

Answer: That’s simple. You’ll find red and green LED lights on the unit. The green light is the indicator that notifies users that the water in the cooler refrigerator is getting cool. While the red LED light is for the hot section of the unit.
Nevertheless, they both switch off each time the water reaches the maximum degree in their respective sections.

  1. Can I use a filter with this unit?

Answer: No, you can’t.

  1. What should I be careful of apart from spilling hot water to the floor?

Answer: It’s a unit that’s thoughtfully made. Nevertheless, the handle is made of plastic.

  1. Does this come with coupon bottle?

Answer: No, it doesn’t.

  1. Can I use it on a plain floor?

Answer: No, you can’t. You can only use it on countertops.

Final Verdict

This is a countertop water cooler that can be used perfectly and flawlessly. It’s a unit that you can purchase with just a few amounts of money. You can easily move it from one place to another and store it in your kitchen. It has all the futuristic that one would need to make the best choice. Of course, the manufacturer is securing your purchase with a warranty.


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