Primo Water Cooler Dispenser Review

Primo Water Cooler Dispenser Review

Primo Water Cooler Dispenser ReviewProvided you don’t want to fall a victim of leakage at the time you’ll be using your ‘about-to-purchase’ water cooler dispenser, then you’ve got to opt for a bottom loading cooler dispenser. It keeps you on a safer side and has the tendency to save spaces even more.

In fact, if you reside in a modern-class home that every bit of material is made of a single, similar color then you would have to consider this kind of dispenser. And, that is because that Primo Water Cooler Dispenser is one of the best product that you can trust to provide you with such elegance.

It’s a unique unit that has a nice rate of flow mechanism. And, the cabinet below where jugs are stored has the capability to contain jugs that have their space limit for 3-5 gallons of water. In other words, it’s highly reliable to be used for any kind of jugs.

The material used in the construction of the unit, on the other hand, is strong to keep a filled jug in place. Although it suctions water from a jug at a time, yet it has two control buttons. Each of the buttons is for initiating the mechanism of each of the spigots.

There are available descriptions that help in directing users on how to use the cooler dispenser. Once any of the two buttons is pushed, water runs out from its respective spigot. And, the temperatures of the two medium are not the same.

In other words, the fact that one side is extremely chilled doesn’t mean that the other end can’t be excessively hot at the same time. It’s just a product that’s capable to provide you with best water temperature capable to withstand any weather condition.

Primo Water Cooler Dispenser Review | 5 Major Features

1. Bottom Loading Dispenser

This product operates/dispenses fluid via bottom loading technology. The concept of this technology is that the jug is stored at the base, then the cap, in form of a stroll, is inserted via the lid into the jug.

Then, once you push any of the ‘press-panels’, the water would be suctioned, then flow through the proportional spigot of the button you pushed.

Of course, you can only fetch water from this dispenser with the help of electric power. The power aids in the easy and smooth mechanism of the unit. Nevertheless, the space at the base is absolutely commodious for jugs that contain 3-5 gallons of liquid.

2. 2 Spouts

Apart from the fact that it saves spaces in your home, it also has enough spaces for filling cups and small-size jugs. In facts, the tip of the spouts is not too long to make worse the available space.

The two available spouts are very much distant from each other. With the distance, you can comfortably put a large wide container on the drip tray so as to fetch your water. Each of the spouts dispenses water at different degrees.

One dispenses cold, chill water and the other dispenses hot water. Unlike many other bottom loading units, this dispenser pumps water out very well. And, the buttons that are used for each of the spouts are at the top of the unit.

3. Great Design

This unit is made of a durable stainless steel. It’s safe and doesn’t occupy spaces like many other products. It’s just a product with a dimension of 14.2 x 12.2 x 40.9 inches and it weighs 44.9 pounds.

The manufacturer ensures that no water is spilled to the ground by making available a removable drip tray that traps in some quantity amount of water.

The tray is dishwasher safe and is durable also. The amazing part of this feature is where the buttons are positioned. They can be found right at the zenith of the unit, which is a good idea. It makes it difficult for children to use it except for the fully grown ones.

4. Packages

An instruction book and a coupon jug come along with the purchase of this product. Of course, this would definitely save you the hassle of setting up the unit and expenses.

Apart from the fact that it comes with 5-gallon coupon jug, it’s a product that’s certified by UL and rated by Energy Star, a US-based corporate body.

In fact, this is a product that its manufacturer backs with one year warranty. It’s just a product that provides you with all the assurance that you look forward to enjoying.

5. Method of Use

This is a product that’s very easy to use. It’s very easy to set it up with the use of the instruction booklet. And, it even becomes easier with the jug that comes with the purchase of this product.

All that you just need to do is to switch on the buttons at the back of the unit after you had plugged the power cord into the power socket, and the ‘suctioning cap’ is plunged already into the bottled water. Then begin to use it.

Nevertheless, ensure that before you begin drinking the water running from the faucet, waste at least six cups of water first. Then, you may start using the unit.

Why Should You Use Primo Water Cooler Dispenser?

1. 1 Year Warranty

This is a product that’s made by a manufacturer that has more concerns for its patriotic customers than its gain. It provides a year warranty so as to ensure that buyers’ enjoy the use of the product.

2. Inimitable Customers’ Reviews

This is a product that many a person has found helpful and easy to use. In fact, many even claimed that it doesn’t make too many noises as many other bottom loading water cooler units do.

3. Dependability

This is a product that has cheap price tags but with quality features. Every part of it is reliable to utilize. In fact, every bit of information that we’ve provided on this platform about this product is reliable.

4. BPA Free

This is a product that’s BPA free. In other words, it’s chemical free. It’s a machine that you can trust with your children and loved ones.

5. Compact Size

With this product, you’ll definitely save more spaces. Also, due to the fact that it’s a bottom loading unit, you can have spaces at the top of this unit to create more shelves in your kitchen.

Product Benefits
  • This unit comes with a reusable coupon jug.
  • The jug is stored underneath.
  • This product is backed with a year warranty.
  • It has two spouts that serve various purposes.
  • The buttons are easy to push down.
  • It has a nice admirable design.
  • It’s a product with fascinating features.
The Negative Things
  • It makes a bit of noise.
  • The flow mechanism is not so fast.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does this unit only work for Primo coupon jug?

Answer: No, you can use any jug of standard size for it.

  1. Can I use this unit’s hot water to make tea?

Answer: Yes, you can.

  1. Does this have a self-cleaning feature?

Answer: Definitely not, but its exterior is very easy to clean.

  1. Is there a safety lock on the cabinet’s door?

Answer: No, the only safety lock is at the peak of the unit.

  1. Hope this is BPA free?

Answer: Yes, it is. It’s a product that’s very safe to use.

Final Verdict

The review has provided you with all the necessary information to make the nice purchase. It provided you with the advantages and disadvantages of using the product.

In fact, it enumerated basic facts why this unit is best for. The significance is for you to make the right purchase. It’s great for both nominal buyers and potential buyers.


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